Injection Moulds / Mould Spares / Mould refurbishments

Smithstown have over 40 years experience designing and manufacturing high precision multi-cavity plastic injection moulds. We utilise the most modern 3d CAD software available allowing us to simulate and debug a tool before ever getting to manufacturing. We test each tool manufactured on one of our two plastic injection moulding machines ensuring that it will run first time when delivered to your plant.

40 years experience designing and manufacturing high precision components

We also have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of wax injection moulds specialising in production of total knee replacement implants. We have a MPI wax injection moulding machine onsite for testing tools. We can also offer contract manufacturing of wax parts.

Types of product applications : numerous medical filters for blood and drug filtration systems, battery cell components, mobile phones connectors, joint replacements, and hundreds of products with domestic and industrial applications.

Our clients include:

(for Injection Moulds + Mould Spares)
BD Penel, Filtertek, Henkel, Boston Scientific, Opplast, Cambus Medical, Depuy, Ferrero, Global filters, Borla, Listal, Medtronic Vascular, Molex, Teleflex, Vistakon, Thorsman and more..

Specialising in the following types of moulds:

  • Unscrewing moulds
  • Rotary moulds
  • Insert/over moulding tools
  • Multi shot tooling
  • Wax Moulds for total knee replacement implants
  • Compression moulds
  • Vacuum pack tooling
  • Screen feeds